9. Intonation in Okinawan

  title={9. Intonation in Okinawan},
  author={Yasuko Nagano-Madsen},
Pitch accent typology and intonation in the three dialects of Ryukyuan
This paper examines the intonation of the three dialects of Ryukyuan from a perspective of lexical pitch accent typology. Together with Japanese, Ryukyuan forms a Japonic language family; it is also
New Approach to Teaching Japanese Pronunciation in the Digital Era
Pronunciation has been a black hole in the L2 Japanese classroom on account of a lack of class time, teacher’s confidence, and consciousness of the need to teach pronunciation, among other reasons.
A typology of questions in Northeast Asia and beyond: An ecological perspective
This study investigates the distribution of linguistic and specifically structural diversity in Northeast Asia (NEA), defined as the region north of the Yellow River and east of the Yenisei. In
Lexical H*+L pitch accent in Ryukyuan: Diversities in phonological patterning and phonetic manifestation
Lexical pitch accent languages such as Swedish and Japanese have been claimed to exhibit variation in phonological inventory and/or phonetic manifestation of pitch accents. This paper reports