89Zr-lumretuzumab PET imaging before and during HER3 antibody lumretuzumab treatment of solid tumor patients.

  title={89Zr-lumretuzumab PET imaging before and during HER3 antibody lumretuzumab treatment of solid tumor patients.},
  author={Frederike Bensch and Laetitia E. Lamberts and Michiel M. Smeenk and Annelies Jorritsma-Smit and Marjolijn N. Lub-de Hooge and Anton G. T. Terwisscha van Scheltinga and Johan R. de Jong and Jourik A. Gietema and Carolina P. Schr{\"o}der and Marlene Thomas and Wolfgang Jacob and K. R. Abiraj and C{\'e}line Adessi and Georgina Meneses‐Lorente and Ian James and Martin Weisser and Adrienne H. Brouwers and Elisabeth G. E. de Vries},
  journal={Journal of Clinical Oncology},
11555Background: Lumretuzumab is a humanized, glycoengineered, monoclonal antibody targeting human epidermal growth factor receptor 3 (HER3), in phase Ib clinical development in patients with HER3-positive solid tumors. We performed a PET imaging study with 89Zr-lumretuzumab to demonstrate tumor targeting and support dose selection by evaluating the dose required for target saturation. Methods: Thirteen patients with HER3-positive metastatic or locally advanced solid tumors were imaged at… 
Harnessing Integrative Omics to Facilitate Molecular Imaging of the Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Family for Precision Medicine
It is illustrated how molecular imaging may be employed to characterize whole body target expression as well as monitor drug effectiveness and the emergence of tumor resistance, and how an integrative omics discovery platform could guide the selection of 'effect sensors' - new molecular imaging targets - which indicate treatment effectiveness or resistance.