88×3×112-Gb/s WDM transmission over 50 km of three-mode fiber with inline few-mode fiber amplifier

  title={88×3×112-Gb/s WDM transmission over 50 km of three-mode fiber with inline few-mode fiber amplifier},
  author={E. Ip and N. Bai and Y. Huang and E. Mateo and F. Yaman and Ming-Jun Li and S. Bickham and S. Ten and J. Linares and C. Montero and V. Moreno and X. Prieto and V. Tse and Kit Man Chung and A. Lau and H. Tam and C. Lu and Yanhua Luo and G. Peng and G. Li},
  journal={2011 37th European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication},
  • E. Ip, N. Bai, +17 authors G. Li
  • Published 2011
  • Physics
  • 2011 37th European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication
  • We demonstrate mode-division multiplexed WDM transmission using the LP<inf>01</inf> and LP<inf>11</inf> modes of a few-mode fiber. The signal is recovered using a 6×6 MIMO equalizer at the receiver after amplification by a few-mode EDFA. 
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