87L application on long transmission line with series capacitor banks and shunt reactors

  title={87L application on long transmission line with series capacitor banks and shunt reactors},
  author={Z. Xu and Ilia Voloh and Terrence Smith},
  journal={2014 67th Annual Conference for Protective Relay Engineers},
Principles and applications of series capacitor banks and shunt reactors are first introduced. Then, the impacts of these apparatus on power systems are reviewed, including the behaviors of shunt reactors in the normal and fault conditions, the behaviors of series capacitor banks under the fault conditions. The effects of these apparatus on the line differential protection are particularly discussed. Challenges of relay applications are investigated with the emphasis on: advantages and… 
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In order to explain the properties of shunt reactors numerous current and voltage waveforms either captured as disturbance recordings in the field or simulated by ATP will be presented.
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