863 genomes reveal the origin and domestication of chicken

  title={863 genomes reveal the origin and domestication of chicken},
  author={Ming-Shan Wang and Mukesh Thakur and Min-Sheng Peng and Yu Jiang and L. Frantz and Ming Li and Jin-Jin Zhang and Sheng Wang and J. Peters and N. Otecko and C. Suwannapoom and Xing Zhong Guo and Zhuqing Zheng and A. Esmailizadeh and N. Hirimuthugoda and H. Ashari and Sri Suladari and M. Zein and S. Kusza and S. Sohrabi and Hamed Kharrati-Koopaee and Quan-Kuan Shen and L. Zeng and Min-Min Yang and Ya-Jiang Wu and Xing-yan Yang and X. Lu and Xinxin Jia and Q. Nie and S. Lamont and E. Lasagna and S. Ceccobelli and Humpita Gamaralalage Thilini Nisanka Gunwardana and Thilina Madusanka Senasige and Shaohong Feng and Jingfang Si and H. Zhang and Jie-qiong Jin and Ming-li Li and Yan-Hu Liu and Hong-man Chen and Cheng Ma and Shan-Shan Dai and A. Bhuiyan and M. S. Khan and Gamamada Liyanage Lalanie Pradeepa Silva and Thi-Thuy Le and O. Mwai and M. Ibrahim and M. Supple and B. Shapiro and O. Hanotte and Guojie Zhang and G. Larson and Jian-Lin Han and Dong-Dong Wu and Ya-ping Zhang},
  journal={Cell Research},
Despite the substantial role that chickens have played in human societies across the world, both the geographic and temporal origins of their domestication remain controversial. To address this issue, we analyzed 863 genomes from a worldwide sampling of chickens and representatives of all four species of wild jungle fowl and each of the five subspecies of red jungle fowl (RJF). Our study suggests that domestic chickens were initially derived from the RJF subspecies Gallus gallus spadiceus whose… Expand
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  • A. Fumihito, T. Miyake, +5 authors S. Ohno
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1996