802.11 Disassociation DoS Attack and Its Solutions: A Survey

  title={802.11 Disassociation DoS Attack and Its Solutions: A Survey},
  author={Baber Aslam and M. H. Islam and S. A. Khan},
  journal={2006 Proceedings of the First Mobile Computing and Wireless Communication International Conference},
Wireless local area networks provide the connectivity at low cost with greater flexibility and mobility. IEEE 802.11 is the defacto wireless standard. It was designed to provide security however it failed to do so. As a result amendments/enhancements were made to overcome the flaws by first introducing Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) and then IEEE 802.11i. But both these enhancements failed to achieve the desired objectives especially availability. Unauthenticated management and control frames… CONTINUE READING


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Sampalli , " A Novel Scheme For Prevention of Management Frame Attacks on Wireless LANs "

M. Barbeau J. Hall

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