8. Positional Astronomy

  title={8. Positional Astronomy},
  author={Erik H{\o}g and K. N. Tavastsherna and C. A. Anguita and G. Billaud and Suzanne D{\'e}barbat and Walter Fricke and J A Hughes and Benny L. Klock and J A Opez and I. Nikoloff and Geza Teleki and Roger H. Tucker and H. Yasuda and Luo Ding-jiang and Ya. S. Yatskiv},
It is with deep regret that we mention the death, on 15 July 1969, of Prof. Dr G. Demetrescu who has done so much for the development of Astronomy in Roumania. This report is based on letters received from members of the Commission, whom I wish to thank most cordially. The most important events in the development of positional astronomy during the three past years were: (1) The construction and use of new types of astronomical instruments based on new techniques, and (2) The collective… CONTINUE READING

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