8-Mercaptoflavins as active site probes of flavoenzymes.

  title={8-Mercaptoflavins as active site probes of flavoenzymes.},
  author={Vincent Massey and Sandro Ghisla and Elizabeth G. Moore},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={254 19},
Representative examples of the various classes of flavoproteins have been converted to their apoprotein forms and the native flavin replaced by 8-mercapto-FMN or 8-mercapto-FAD. The spectral and catalytic properties of the modified enzymes are characteristically different from one group to another; the results suggest that flavin interactions at positions N(1) or N(5) of the flavin chromophore have profound influences on the properties of the flavoprotein. 1. The 8-thiolate anion form of 8… CONTINUE READING


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