77 Enhancement of Nutritive Sucking Patterns in Premature Infants


Peri-oral tactile stimulation has been used to enhance nutritive sucking in premature infants who have survived life-threatening illnesses in neonatal intensive care settings. Objective data for evaluation of such programs is scant. In 31 pts (x g.a.=32 wks, x post-natal age=34d) sucking patterns were recorded for Vol., Rate, and max. Pressure during 3 different 4 min feedings of formula. Recordings were made without stimulation (0), after stimulation (A) and during stimulation (D). Stimulation consisted of light-touch pressure over the buccinator and oribucularis oris muscles at a rate of 1/sec. for 3 min before feeding (Group A) or continuously during feeding (Group D). Each pt. acted as his own control. There were no differences in Vol, Rate, or Pressures in Group 0 vs. A, but significant differences were present in Group 0 vs. D.Peri-oral tactile stimulation during feeding enhances nutritive sucking in premature infants.

DOI: 10.1203/00006450-197804001-00082

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@article{Trykowski197877EO, title={77 Enhancement of Nutritive Sucking Patterns in Premature Infants}, author={Lonnie Trykowski and Darry Kirkpatrick and Robert Ray Lamb and Elizabeth A Leonard and Harold M. Maurer}, journal={Pediatric Research}, year={1978}, volume={12}, pages={376-376} }