6d holographic anomaly match as a continuum limit

  title={6d holographic anomaly match as a continuum limit},
  author={Stefano Cremonesi and Alessandro Tomasiello},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractAn infinite class of analytic AdS7 × S3 solutions has recently been found. The S3 is distorted into a “crescent roll” shape by the presence of D8-branes. These solutions are conjectured to be dual to a class of “linear quivers”, with a large number of gauge groups coupled to (bi-)fundamental matter and tensor fields. In this paper we perform a precise quantitative check of this correspondence, showing that the a Weyl anomalies computed in field theory and gravity agree. In the… 

AdS7/CFT6 with orientifolds

A bstractAdS7 solutions of massive type IIA have been classified, and are dual to a large class of six-dimensional (1, 0) SCFT’s whose tensor branch deformations are described by linear quivers of SU

AdS5 compactifications with punctures in massive IIA supergravity

A bstractWe find AdS5 solutions holographically dual to compactifications of six- dimensional N$$ \mathcal{N} $$ = (1, 0) supersymmetric field theories on Riemann surfaces with punctures. We simplify

A new 6d fixed point from holography

A bstractWe propose a stringy construction giving rise to a class of interacting and non-supersymmetric CFT’s in six dimensions. Such theories may be obtained as an IR conformal fixed point of an RG

6D RG flows and nilpotent hierarchies

A bstractWith the eventual aim of classifying renormalization group flows between 6D superconformal field theories (SCFTs), we study flows generated by the vevs of “conformal matter,” a

CERN-TH-2018-229 Holographic duals of 6 d RG flows

A notable class of superconformal theories (SCFTs) in six dimensions is parameterized by an integer N , an ADE group G, and two nilpotent elements μL,R in G. Nilpotent elements have a natural partial

T-branes, anomalies and moduli spaces in 6D SCFTs

A bstractThe worldvolume theory of M5-branes on an ADE singularity ℝ5/ΓG can be Higgsed in various ways, corresponding to the possible nilpotent orbits of G. In the F-theory dual picture, this

Cheeger bounds on spin-two fields

We consider gravity compactifications whose internal space consists of small bridges connecting larger manifolds, possibly noncompact. We prove that, under rather general assumptions, this leads to a

Holography, brane intersections and six-dimensional SCFTs

A bstractWe study supersymmetric intersections of NS5-, D6- and D8-branes in type IIA string theory. We focus on the supergravity description of this system and identify a “near horizon” limit in

Small instanton transitions for M5 fractions

A bstractM5-branes on an ADE singularity are described by certain six-dimensional “conformal matter” superconformal field theories. Their Higgs moduli spaces contain information about various

AdS2 × S2 × CY2 solutions in Type IIB with 8 supersymmetries

We present a new infinite family of Type IIB supergravity solutions preserving eight supercharges. The structure of the space is AdS2 × S2 × CY2 × S1 fibered over an interval. These solutions can be



The holographic Weyl anomaly

We calculate the Weyl anomaly for conformal field theories that can be described via the adS/CFT correspondence. This entails regularizing the gravitational part of the corresponding supergravity

Supersymmetric AdS5 solutions of massive IIA supergravity

A bstractMotivated by a recently found class of AdS7 solutions, we classify AdS5 solutions in massive IIA, finding infinitely many new analytical examples. We reduce the general problem to a set of

6d Conformal matter

A bstractA single M5-brane probing G, an ADE-type singularity, leads to a system which has G × G global symmetry and can be viewed as “bifundamental” (G, G) matter. For the AN series, this leads to

Anti-de Sitter space and holography

Recently, it has been proposed by Maldacena that large $N$ limits of certain conformal field theories in $d$ dimensions can be described in terms of supergravity (and string theory) on the product of

Renormalization group flows from holography supersymmetry and a c theorem

We obtain first order equations that determine a supersymmetric kink solution in fivedimensional N = 8 gauged supergravity. The kink interpolates between an exterior anti-de Sitter region with

On renormalization group flows and the a-theorem in 6d

A bstractWe study the extension of the approach to the a-theorem of Komargodski and Schwimmer to quantum field theories in d = 6 spacetime dimensions. The dilaton effective action is obtained up to

The constraints of conformal symmetry on RG flows

A bstractIf the coupling constants in QFT are promoted to functions of space-time, the dependence of the path integral on these couplings is highly constrained by conformal symmetry. We begin the

Holography for (1,0) theories in six dimensions

A bstractM-theory and string theory predict the existence of many six-dimensional SCFTs. In particular, type IIA brane constructions involving NS5-, D6- and D8-branes conjecturally give rise to a

Evidence for C-theorems in 6D SCFTs

A bstractUsing the recently established classification of 6D SCFTs we present evidence for the existence of families of weak C-functions, that is, quantities which decrease in a flow from the UV to