680 13 December 1969 Deep Vein Thrombosis - Flute MEDICAL


The allergic complications of streptokinase therapy do not occur with urokinase, a direct activator of plasminogen which can be extracted from human urine. Urokinase is not antigenic in man, and the absence of circulating antibody means that the effects of the first dose can safely be predicted according to body weight. It has a proved thrombolytic potential and has been investigated in the treatment of pulmonary embolism.32 Nevertheless, large quantities of human urine have to be used to obtain adequate supplies and hence no trial of systemic urokinase in venous thrombosis has been carried out-though local treatment may be of value.33 The precise place of fibrinolytic therapy in relation to anticoagulants and surgical procedures has yet to be defined. The most important consideration at present is to ensure that its use is limited to those with thrombi demonstrated and followed by objective methods, so that valid information is obtained. Prophylaxis

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