65 nm feature sizes using visible wavelength 3-D multiphoton lithography.

  title={65 nm feature sizes using visible wavelength 3-D multiphoton lithography.},
  author={Wojciech Haske and Vincent W. Chen and Joel M. Hales and Wenting Dong and Stephen Barlow and Seth R Marder and Joseph W Perry},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={15 6},
Nanoscale features as small as 65 +/- 5 nm have been formed reproducibly by using 520 nm femtosecond pulsed excitation of a 4,4'-bis(di-n-butylamino)biphenyl chromophore to initiate crosslinking in a triacrylate blend. Dosimetry studies of the photoinduced polymerization were performed on chromophores with sizable two-photon absorption cross-sections at 520… CONTINUE READING

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