60th birthday of Antonina Matveevna Pozharskaya

  title={60th birthday of Antonina Matveevna Pozharskaya},
  author={Antonina Matveevna},
  journal={Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal},
A. lV[. Pozha r skaya was born in 1908 into a s e rvan t f ami ly in T s a r i t s y n a (Volgograd). In 1938 she graduated f r o m Moscow Insti tute of Fine Chemica l Technology and was sent to the Division of Synthesis at VNIKhFI. Before the war she comple ted he r gradua te studies, and in 1949 she defended a Candidate ' s Disser ta t ion . In 1954,A. M. Poz ha r skaya became Head of the Labo ra to ry of Drug Technology. She has done much for the reorgan iza t ion and expansion of this l… Expand