60GHz-Band Flip-Chip MMIC Modules for IEEE1394 Wireless Adapters

  title={60GHz-Band Flip-Chip MMIC Modules for IEEE1394 Wireless Adapters},
  author={Kenichi Maruhashi and Masaharu Ito and Kazuhiro Ikuina and Tetsuaki Hashiguchi and Jun-ichi Matsuda and Wataru Domon and S. Iwanaga and Naoto Takahashi and Toshiro Ishihara and Y. Yoshida and Ikuichiro Izumi and Keiichi Ohata},
  journal={2001 31st European Microwave Conference},
60GHz-band 500-Mpbs transmitter and receiver multi-chip modules (MCMs) are presented, in which MMICs and a filter are mounted using flip-chip bonding technique. A multi-layer Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) substrate is adopted for a package. The MCMs are directly bonded with printed wiring boards using ball grid array technique, achieving connections for signals and biasing. A developed 500-Mbps ASK transceiver exhibits an average output power of 10dBm and a minimum received power of… CONTINUE READING


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