6-Alkoxy-N,N-disubstituted-2-pyridinamines as anticonvulsant agents.

  title={6-Alkoxy-N,N-disubstituted-2-pyridinamines as anticonvulsant agents.},
  author={Michael R. Pavia and Charles Percy Taylor and Fred M. Hershenson and Sandra J. Lobbestael},
  journal={Journal of medicinal chemistry},
  volume={30 7},
The anticonvulsant effect of a series of 6-alkoxy-N,N-disubstituted-2-pyridinamines is described. An investigation was carried out to optimize the activity/side-effect ratio in this series of compounds. The most desirable profile was seen with 1-[6-(2-methylpropoxy)-2-pyridinyl]piperazine, 6, and this compound was selected for a more complete pharmacological evaluation. Overall, 6 has a pharmacological profile that is very similar to that of diphenylhydantoin (phenytoin). While nearly… CONTINUE READING

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