5G: rethink mobile communications for 2020+.

  title={5G: rethink mobile communications for 2020+.},
  author={I Chih-Lin and Shuangfeng Han and Zhikun Xu and Qi Sun and Zhengang Pan},
  journal={Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences},
  volume={374 2062}
The 5G network is anticipated to meet the challenging requirements of mobile traffic in the 2020s, which are characterized by super high data rate, low latency, high mobility, high energy efficiency and high traffic density. This paper provides an overview of China Mobile's 5G vision and potential solutions. Three key characteristics of 5G are analysed, i.e. super fast, soft and green. The main 5G R&D themes are further elaborated, which include five fundamental rethinkings of the traditional… CONTINUE READING
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