593. Note on the Equation of Time

  title={593. Note on the Equation of Time},
  author={R. M. Milne},
  journal={The Mathematical Gazette},
  pages={372 - 375}
  • R. M. Milne
  • Published 1 December 1921
  • Physics
  • The Mathematical Gazette
593. [U.] Note on the Equation of Time. (1) An elementary course on Astronomy forms part of the curriculum of many schools. I n this connection the Equation of Time forms such a good example on compounding two sine graphs that it seems worth while to suggest an elementary way of approaching it. The main difficulty in arriving a t the formula in an elementary way is due to the part of the Equation of Time that depends on the unequal motion in the Ecliptic. The part due to the obliquity of the… 

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The Earth’s progress around the Sun varies through the year. Combined with the tilt of the axis of rotation, this results in variations of the length of a solar day. The variations are encapsulated

A note on apparent solar time and the seasonal cycle of atmospheric solar tides

Both observations and comprehensive model simulation data of atmospheric fields are generally available at fixed Mean Solar Times through the day, which is convenient as the notional ‘mean sun’


An algorithm capable of modelling shadows from nearby obstructions onto photovoltaic arrays is proposed, based on the calculation of the solar position in the sky for any given instant in order to obtain the shadow projection for any object point.

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This paper presents a modeling and design study of shape memory alloy (SMA)-based skins that enable adaptive ventilation in buildings. The skins are formed by panels with attached SMA wires and can

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