59: Long-term Follow-up of Trfated Tall Girls


Since 1959, 657 girls have been seen because of tall stature. 213 have received oestrogen therapy to control growth rate. In December 1975 letters were sent to 79 girls whose treatment had been completed for at least 2 years, inquiring re marital status, contraceptive measures, and any problems since oestrogen therapy. In 56 replies received, 34 are married. 13 were married in 1971 or earlier, and of these 9 have children, 2 have used contraceptive measures continuously, 1 is separated, and the husband of 1 has oligospermia. 21 were married in 1972 or later, and of these 2 have had children and 1 is pregnant. 29 of the 34 married have used contraceptive measures; 4 of the remaining 5 have had children, and 1 is married only 8 months. There is no evidence of infertility as a result of treatment. The mean height of the treated girls is 176.5 cm; the mean height of their husbands is 181.0 cm. 5 of 34 girls married men shorter than themselves. 22 were not married; 12 admit using contraceptive measures, 10 did not answer the question. Problems mentioned were acne (2), oligomenorrhoea (2), obesity (5), underweight (1), ovarian cyst (1), diabetes (1). 2 of the obese girls had a familial tendency, and 2 were associated with psychiatric problems. Most girls were very happy they had been treated.Ref. Tall Girls: A Survey of 15 Years Management and Treatment. J. Ped. 86:602 (1975).

DOI: 10.1203/00006450-197610000-00056

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