57 F e15 N Spin-Spin Coupling at Natural Abundance of the Isotopes in Binuclear Complexes Fe 2 ( CO ) 6 ( / /-RNS ) Containing a Sulfimide Bridge


Complexes o f the type Fe2(C O )6(//-RN S) [R = H (la), /Bu (lb), SiM e, (lc), Si'BuM e, (Id), SnM e3 (le)] have been studied by m ultinuclear m agnetic resonance (‘H, |5C, 14N, l5N, l70 , 29Si, ll9Sn) with em phasis on natu ra l abundance ,5N N M R measurem ents. By application o f var­ ious polarization transfer techniques 'J (57F e15N ) (6.1 FIz) in la… (More)

2 Figures and Tables


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