55 Graph Drawing


Graph drawing addresses the problem of constructing geometric representations of graphs, and has important applications to key computer technologies such as software engineering, database systems, visual interfaces, and computer-aided design. Research on graph drawing has been conducted within several diverse areas, including discrete mathematics (topological graph theory, geometric graph theory, order theory), algorithmics (graph algorithms, data structures, computational geometry, vlsi), and human-computer interaction (visual languages, graphical user interfaces, information visualization). This chapter overviews aspects of graph drawing that are especially relevant to computational geometry. Basic definitions on drawings and their properties are given in Section 55.1. Bounds on geometric and topological properties of drawings (e.g., area and crossings) are presented in Section 55.2. Section 55.3 deals with the time complexity of fundamental graph drawing problems. An example of a drawing algorithm is given in Section 55.4. Techniques for drawing general graphs are surveyed in Section 55.5.

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