54.2: A High Dynamic Range Display Using Low and High Resolution Modulators

  title={54.2: A High Dynamic Range Display Using Low and High Resolution Modulators},
  author={Helge Seetzen and Lorne A. Whitehead and Greg Ward},
  journal={SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers},
We have developed an emissive high dynamic range (HDR) display that is capable of displaying a luminance range of 10,000cd/m2 to 0.1cd/m2 while maintaining all features found in conventional LCD displays such as resolution, refresh rate and image quality. We achieve that dynamic range by combining two display systems — a high resolution transmissive LCD and a low resolution, monochrome display composed of high brightness light emitting diodes (LED). This paper provides a description of the… 

A high-dynamic-range and high-resolution projector with dual modulation

A projector which can display the high-resolution images of Super Hi-Vision and has a high dynamic range of 1.1 million to 1 and a fine 10-bit tone reproduction is developed.

The system of High Dynamic Range Display based on the dual structure of the LCD-FED

The method in this paper has the advantages of raising local contrast and dodging the halo and eliminating motion artifacts of LCD HDR display and has higher practical value since the field emission backlight structure can increase the local contrast to 216∶1.

High dynamic range liquid crystal displays with a mini-LED backlight.

This model provides useful guidelines to optimize the mini-LED backlit LCDs for achieving dynamic contrast ratio comparable to organic LED displays and suppress the halo effect to indistinguishable level.

A YC‐separation‐type projector: High dynamic range with double modulation

An experimental projector that features double modulation to obtain high-resolution and high-dynamic-range images has been developed and the dynamic range is dramatically improved because the double-modulation scheme minimizes black levels in projected images.

High dynamic range display using multiple projectors

This paper shows HDR displays of an input raw image that is projected directly by converting four projectors' response functions into a response function of the HDR display, which has a high dynamic range of luminance and high gradation.

Self-calibrating wide color gamut high dynamic range display

A combination of sensor mechanisms and algorithms that reduce luminance and color variation for both HDR and conventional displays even with the use of highly variable light elements are described.

Electrochromic display driving scheme for high dynamic range image capture

A passive matrix driving scheme is employed for the ECD due to low cost and high transmittance and the column and row driving voltages are obtained by least square error method to retain as much information as possible without saturation at high or low luminance.

3.2: High Dynamic Range Projection Systems

A novel digital system capable of displaying images with a high enough dynamic range to rival analog film, based on a serial combination of light modulating devices, such as two liquid crystal micro‐display panels within a projection light engine.

Dynamic Backlight Gamma on High Dynamic Range LCD TVs

A high dynamic range liquid crystal display (HDR-LCD) can enhance the contrast ratio of images by utilizing locally controlled dynamic backlight. We studied the HDR-LCD as a dual-panel display: a

Visibility of crosstalk for high-dynamic range displays

Crosstalk is one of the main stereoscopic display-related visual perceptual factors degrading image quality and causing visual discomfort. In this research the impact of high display contrast and



Disability Glare A State of The Art Report

40.5L: Late‐News Paper: 18.1‐inch XGA TFT‐LCD with Wide Color Reproduction using High Power LED‐Backlighting

Higher brightness and the wider color reproduction of 95%-NTSC are achieved on the front-of-screen by matching the transmissive spectra of color-filter to LEDs radiation in 18.1-inch XGA TFT-LCD.

Improved Motion-Picture Quality of LCD TV

  • SID Symposium
  • 2002