53.4: Development of 31‐Inch Full‐HD AMOLED TV Using LTPS‐TFT and RGB FMM

  title={53.4: Development of 31‐Inch Full‐HD AMOLED TV Using LTPS‐TFT and RGB FMM},
  author={Myung-Ho Lee and Song Myoung Seop and Jong Soo Kim and Jung Ho Hwang and Hye-Jin Shin and Sangyoung Cho and Kyoung Wook Min and Won-Kyu Kwak and Sun I Jung and Chang Soo Kim and Woong Sik Choi and Sung Cheol Kim and Eui Jin Yoo},
  journal={SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers},
In this paper, we describe the technologies for implementation of the world's largest Active Matrix Organic Light‐Emitting Diode (AMOLED) TV. Low Temperature Poly‐Silicon (LTPS) method is applied to integrate driver and pixel circuit in panel. Also, we used Fine Metal Mask (FMM) for color patterned R,G,B pixels. for achieving better color gamut, we applied bottom‐emission micro‐cavity structure. As a result, we have fabricated 31‐inch Full‐HD(1920×l080) AMOLED display. The power consumption is… 
Introduction to Organic Light‐Emitting Diode (OLED)
Tremendous progress has been made in the development of organic light-emitting diode OLED science and technology. Active matrix OLED with its superb overall display image quality, response time,
Driving technology for improving motion quality of active-matrix organic light-emitting diode display
The proposed driving technology to improve the rising transient responses of AMOLED based on the overdrive (OD) technology can successfully improve motion quality of scrolling texts as well as moving pictures in AMOLed displays.
21.2: Driving Method for a 2D‐3D Switchable AMOLED Display Using Progressive or Simultaneous Emission
A driving method has been developed for a 2D‐3D switchable AMOLED using progressive emission PE or simultaneous emission SE. The proposed method is implemented by selecting PE mode for 2D to improve
A High Accuracy 5T2C Compensation Circuit used in IGZO TFT_AMOLED Displays
We introduce a 5T2C pixel circuit in this paper to compensate TFT Vth variation in active matrix-organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) displays. Simulation results show that the emission current
Flexible AMOLED display with integrated gate driver operating at operation speed compatible with 4k2k
We present a QVGA (320x240 with 3 sub-pixel) top-emitting AMOLED display with 250ppi resolution using a self-aligned (SA) IGZO TFT backplane on polyimide-foil with full barrier. The back plane
P‐60: The Performance Enhancement of the 2ωYAG Laser‐Crystallized Poly‐Si Using a Back‐Side Self‐Heating Layer of a‐Si
Crystallization of a‐Si by doubled frequency YAG laser using a self‐heating layer technology was proposed in this paper. The grain size and the hall mobility of the resulted poly‐Si thin film were
A Low Level Pulse GOA Circuit Consisted of a-IGZO TFT
In order to compensate the threshold voltage variation, the AMOLED compensative pixel circuit needs to be driven by multi-pulse signals which have continuous high/low level pulses. By using
P‐63: New Power Management Technology for Large AMOLED Displays
There is growing interest in large AMOLED displays, but for proper operation and avoidance of display artifacts, large AMOLEDs have unique power requirements that extend beyond current generation
Effect of gamut expansion of object colours on a simulated six-primary display
This paper evaluates the gamut expansion ratio on a six-primary display by conducting a psychophysical experiment involving real objects. However, no six-primary display was used in this article; it
QM/QM approach to model energy disorder in amorphous organic semiconductors.
A QM/QM model is represented to compute thePolaron energies combining density functional methods for molecules in the vicinity of the polaron with computationally efficient density functional based tight binding methods in the rest of the environment.


69.4: Invited Paper: Mass Production of Full‐Color AMOLED Displays
Mass production of full‐color active‐matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays began in October 2002 at SK Display Corporation. This milestone was achieved through an integration of modified low‐temperature
70.1: Invited Paper: Large‐Sized Full Color AMOLED TV: Advancements and Issues
We have demonstrated a 40‐inch diagonal, full color WXGA AMOLED TV. It was based on the technologies of amorphous silicon (a‐Si) TFT backplane and white OLED with color filter. Despite of recent
24.4L: Late‐News Paper: A 13.0‐inch AM‐OLED Display with Top Emitting Structure and Adaptive Current Mode Programmed Pixel Circuit (TAC)
A device structure and a driving method were developed to design large-scale active matrix organic light-emitting diode (AM-OLED) display with good gray scale uniformity and high aperture ratio, which will open up the OLED applications to larger size displays such as desktop monitors and TVs.
4.2: TFT AMOLED Pixel Circuits and Driving Methods
Active matrix organic light emitting diode AMOLED displays are now entering the market place. TFT active matrix allow OLED displays to be larger in size, higher in resolution and lower in power
16.1: Invited Paper: Alternative Approach to Large‐Size AMOLED HDTV
In this work, we propose alternative approaches to existing technologies for fabrication of large‐size HDTV employing AMOLED, such as LITI for OLED patterning and non‐ELA crystallization methods for
Simulation of light emission from thin-film microcavities
In light-emitting devices based on thin-film technology, light waves that are partially or totally reflected at interfaces between different materials interfere and influence the angular distribution
High-efficiency semiconductor resonant-cavity light-emitting diodes: a review
An overview of highly efficient resonant-cavity light-emitting diodes is presented. First, the basics of dipole emission in planar cavities are reviewed. From these, a number of design rules are
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