5200-Year-Old Acupuncture in Central Europe?

  title={5200-Year-Old Acupuncture in Central Europe?},
  author={Leopold Dorfer and Maximilian Moser and Konrad Spindler and F. Bahr and Eduard Egarter‐Vigl and Gottfried Dohr},
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The Tyrolean Iceman ([1][1]), by far the oldest European mummified human body (5200 years old), shows 15 well-preserved tattoo groups on his back and legs, none of which appears to have ornamental importance. The tattoos have a simple linear geometric shape and are located on parts of the body that are not expected to be displayed ([2][2]). Moreover, several tattoos that would have entailed superficial skin puncture seem to be located on Chinese acupuncture points. The tattoos were therefore… 
The effects of application of an ancient type of acupuncture needle on increase in urination of hospitalized oldest-old people
DZ application increased urine volume via a transient modification of the autonomic nervous system when internal homeostasis was maintained and may contribute to a reduction in medical costs, which have been rapidly and heavily expanding recently.
A background to acupuncture and its use in chronic painful musculoskeletal conditions
  • P. White
  • Biology
    The journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health
  • 2006
It is concluded that acupuncture has a place in the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain and in particular osteo-arthritis (OA), where degenerative conditions are involved, and can provide symptomatic relief, often over a prolonged period.
Acupuncture in dermatology: an historical perspective
The historical context of acupuncture within Chinese medicine and how it relates to skin disease is introduced and a key question is, what can the authors learn from the ancients with regard to their use of acupuncture as part of a holistic system of medicine.
Resolving Unsuccessful Ear Acupuncture by Treating Focus Obstacles: A Review of the Advantages of European Ear Acupuncture
This article shows how to remove obstacles to diagnosis and treatment and at the same time remove blockages to healing, so-called foci, which impede the effect of an otherwise good acupuncture treatment.
A medical report from the stone age ? ( Department of History ) ( Statistical Data Included )
The authors discuss identification of certain tattoos seen on the 5,200 year old mummified man found in the ice in the Swiss Alps as consistent with markings designed to indicate acupuncture points
Acupuncture beyond the endorphin concept?
  • I. Bonta
  • Biology, Medicine
    Medical hypotheses
  • 2002
A speculative notion of the view that acupuncture may amplify the interaction between neuropeptides and cytokines, and a non-invasive approach, such as immune-committed cells harvested from blood of acupuncture-treated patients, could be used to examine this hypothesis.
Acupuntura en d ermatología: situación actual de la investigación científica Acupuncture in dermatology - current state of clinical research
Using acupuncture to treat such symptoms as nausea, vomiting, postoperative pain and itch has shown benefits, but no recommendation can be given regarding the eff ectiveness of acupuncture as a means to treat dermatological diseases.
Evaluating Training Programs for Electroacupuncture Techniques with Skin Temperature as a New Index
Monitoring the instructive effects and level of EA techniques with ST is monitored and it is proposed that monitoring ST can bring monitoring ST into training/education of EA as a new index of technical assessment in acupuncture treatment training.


Some anthropological aspects of the prehistoric Tyrolean ice man.
The corpse of a Late Neolithic individual found in a glacier in Oetztal is unusual because of the intact nature of all body parts that resulted from the characteristics of its mummification process