51Cr-release assay adapted to a 96-well format sample reading.

  title={51Cr-release assay adapted to a 96-well format sample reading.},
  author={Gilda Gali Hillman and Norbert Roessler and Richard S. Fulbright and Jos{\'e} Edson Pontes and Gabriel P. Haas},
  volume={15 4},
The application of the Matrix 96, a direct beta counter, to monitor cell-mediated lympholysis assays (CML) was investigated. Until now, the gamma rays emitted from 51Cr, released in the supernatant of the sample following lysis of targets by effector cells, were read in gamma counters using individual tubes for each sample. The Matrix 96 has been designed to count 96 wells simultaneously for assays performed in 96-well microplates. Aliquots of supernatants were spotted on a 96-well disposable… CONTINUE READING

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