503unc, a small and muscle-specific zebrafish promoter.

  title={503unc, a small and muscle-specific zebrafish promoter.},
  author={Joachim Berger and Peter David Currie},
  volume={51 6},
The muscle-specific UNC-45b assists in the folding of sarcomeric myosin. Analysis of the zebrafish unc-45b upstream region revealed that unc-45b promoter fragments reliably drive GFP expression after germline transmission. The muscle-specific 503-bp minimal promoter 503unc was identified to drive gene expression in the zebrafish musculature. In transgenic Tg(-503unc:GFP) zebrafish, GFP fluorescence was detected in the adaxial cells, their slow fiber descendants, and the fast muscle. At later… CONTINUE READING