50-$\hbox{N}\cdot\hbox{m}$/2500-W Bearingless Motor for High-Purity Pharmaceutical Mixing

  title={50-\$\hbox\{N\}\cdot\hbox\{m\}\$/2500-W Bearingless Motor for High-Purity Pharmaceutical Mixing},
  author={Bernhard Warberger and Remo Kaelin and Thomas Nussbaumer and Johann Walter Kolar},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics},
In this paper, a novel bearingless motor (50 N·m /2.5 kW) for high-purity mixing applications is presented. The motor consists of a stator with concentrated windings and an exterior rotor with permanent magnets. The rotor is propelled and spatially suspended only by means of magnetic fields. This paper deals with the functionality and the mechanical setup of the new motor. Thereby, the optimization of the motor design is presented in detail. In order to evaluate the load of the bearingless… 

Modeling and Realization of a Bearingless Flux-Switching Slice Motor

This work introduces a novel bearingless slice motor design: the bearingless flux-switching slice motor. In contrast to state-of-the-art bearingless slice motors, the rotor in this new design does

Analysis and Control of Multiphase Permanent-Magnet Bearingless Motor With a Single Set of Half-Coiled Winding

In this paper, a multiphase bearingless motor (MBLM) with a single set of half-coiled winding is proposed, with advantages such as simpler construction and capability of fault-tolerant operation,

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Due to the temperature sensitivity and the cost issue of permanent magnets, the application of electrical machines with permanent magnets on the rotor are limited in spaces with high-temperature as

Design and Analysis of a Novel Bearingless Motor for a Miniature Axial Flow Blood Pump

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One maintenance task that still exist with conventional motors, are bearing lubrication and renewal. Bearingless motors are replaced with conventional motor that uses a magnetic levitation force to

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A bearingless drive for high-speed applications with high purity and special chemical demands is introduced and an advantageous winding system for independent force and torque generation is proposed, which can be realized with standard inverter technology.

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Magnetic gearboxes (MGBs) are now a powerful alternative to their conventional mechanical counterparts in terms of reduced maintenance requirements, improved reliability, tolerance to mechanical

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Important design considerations for a bearingless brushless motor (permanent magnet synchronous motor, PMSM) in exterior rotor construction are described and the influence on torque and active and passive radial forces has been investigated.



Bearingless 300-W PMSM for Bioreactor Mixing

Both torque and magnetic bearing forces are created inside this disk-shaped motor using a sophisticated control (proportional-integral-differential vector control) with superimposed drive and bearing currents fed to the concentrated combined stator coils.

Design considerations of a bearingless motor for high-purity mixing applications

This paper presents how a bearingless motor with exterior rotor can be implemented successfully in high-purity mixing applications. Important design parameters are identified and their influence on

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The ratio of radial force over current as well as the peak air-gap flux density are discussed and the optimal permanent magnet thickness is determined.

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Robust Angle-Sensorless Control of a PMSM Bearingless Pump

A new method for a hall-sensorless control of a permanent-magnet synchronous machine bearingless pump in its operating range from 0 to 8000 r/min and from zero load to full load is introduced.

Eddy currents and wall losses in screened-rotor induction motors

The problem of circulating corrosive liquids assumes a major importance in nuclear-engineering practice, where the standards of safety and reliability which are imposed demand sealed circulating

The Calculation of Can Losses in Canned Motors

  • R. C. RobinsonI. RoweL. Donelan
  • Engineering, Physics
    Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Part III: Power Apparatus and Systems
  • 1957
Most of the performance characteristics of these canned motors may be calculated by well-known methods. The most unique feature of these motors is the presence of a stator and rotor can in the air

Design of Novel Spiral Magnetic Poles and Axial-Cooling Structure of Outer-Rotor PM Torque Motor

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This paper proposes a novel in-wheel motor, which artfully integrates a magnetic gear into a permanent-magnet brushless (PMBL) DC motor so that they can share a common PM rotor, hence offering both