5.8S-28S rRNA interaction and HMM-based ITS2 annotation.

  title={5.8S-28S rRNA interaction and HMM-based ITS2 annotation.},
  author={Alexander Keller and Tina Schleicher and Joerg Schultz and Tobias Mueller and Thomas Dandekar and Matthias Wolf},
  volume={430 1-2},
The internal transcribed spacer 2 (ITS2) of the nuclear ribosomal repeat unit is one of the most commonly applied phylogenetic markers. It is a fast evolving locus, which makes it appropriate for studies at low taxonomic levels, whereas its secondary structure is well conserved, and tree reconstructions are possible at higher taxonomic levels. However, annotation of start and end positions of the ITS2 differs markedly between studies. This is a severe shortcoming, as prediction of a correct… CONTINUE READING
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