5.4: Inductive output tube code development

  title={5.4: Inductive output tube code development},
  author={Edward L. Wright and Khanh Tuan Nguyen and John J. Petillo and Igor A. Chernyavskiy and Christopher Kostas and John F. DeFord and Ben L. Held and Lars D. Ludeking and Alexander N. Vlasov and John A. Pasour},
  journal={2010 IEEE International Vacuum Electronics Conference (IVEC)},
This paper describes the latest advances in code development targeted to model the beam wave interaction of inductive output tubes.1At the core of this effort is the modeling and simulation of the input cavity, which requires the utilization of finite-element (FE) electromagnetic (EM), magnetostatic and electrostatic time-domain (ESTD) PIC codes. Key to… CONTINUE READING