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5.2 Veriiable Signature Sharing

  title={5.2 Veriiable Signature Sharing},
  author={Matthew K. Franklin and Reiter and Springer-Verlag and A R L Rivest and Lior Shamir and Adleman and M Tatebayashi and N Matsuzakai and David B. Newman and Key},
A linear protocol failure for RSA with exponent three. A method for obtaining digital signatures and public-key cryptosystems. distribution protocol for digital mobile communication systems. are linear combinations of the unknowns b j with known coeecients, S i0 can compute a linear relation that holds among the shares: k X j=0 p j Bi j = 0 m o d N: 2 Since server S i0 knows p 0 Bi 0 , which is nonzero with high probability, it can learn an inhomogeneous linear relation among the other k terms… Expand
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