5-azacytidine inhibits nonsense-mediated decay in a MYC-dependent fashion

  title={5-azacytidine inhibits nonsense-mediated decay in a MYC-dependent
  author={Madhuri Bhuvanagiri and Joe Lewis and Kerstin Putzker and Jonas P Becker and Stefan Leicht and Jeroen Krijgsveld and Richa Batra and Brad Turnwald and Bogdan Jovanovic and Christian Hauer and Jana Sieber and Matthias W. Hentze and Andreas E Kulozik},
  booktitle={EMBO molecular medicine},
Nonsense-mediated RNA decay (NMD) is an RNA-based quality control mechanism that eliminates transcripts bearing premature translation termination codons (PTC). Approximately, one-third of all inherited disorders and some forms of cancer are caused by nonsense or frame shift mutations that introduce PTCs, and NMD can modulate the clinical phenotype of these diseases. 5-azacytidine is an analogue of the naturally occurring pyrimidine nucleoside cytidine, which is approved for the treatment of… CONTINUE READING