5. Summary of Data Reported and Evaluation 5.1 Exposure Data

  • Published 2008


Cobalt is widely distributed in the environment, occurring in the earth's crust mainly in the form of sulfides, oxides and arsenides. Cobalt metal is used to make corrosion-and wear-resistant alloys used in aircraft engines (superalloys), in magnets (magnetic alloys) and in high-strength steels and other alloys for many applications. Cobalt metal is added to metallic carbides, especially tungsten carbide, to prepare hard metals (two-phase composites ; also known as cemented carbides) for metal-working tools. Cobalt is also used to manufacture cobalt-diamond grinding tools, cobalt discs and other cutting and grinding tools made from cobalt metal. Other uses of cobalt compounds include catalysts, batteries, dyes and pigments and related applications. Occupational exposure to cobalt occurs pre

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