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5 A Theory of Direct Visual Perception

  title={5 A Theory of Direct Visual Perception},
  author={James Jerome Gibson},
tual Systems (Gibson, 1966), especially in chapters 9–12 on vision. It is related to, although a considerable departure from, the theory presented in The Perception of the Visual World (Gibson, 1950). Some of its postulates go back 20 years to that book, but many are new. What is “direct” visual perception? I argue that the seeing of an environment by an observer existing in that environment is direct in that it is not mediated by visual sensations or sense data. The phenomenal visual world of… 

Nature’s Providence: The Representational Role of Vision

It is proposed that visual perception is a straightforward case of (mental) representation, and it is shown that the kind of interaction problems that arise with the more traditional notions of representation also arise with this newer, more direct, notion.

Is Perception Stimulus-Dependent?

The most natural way to distinguish perception from cognition is by considering perception as stimulus-dependent. Perception is tethered to the senses in a way that cognition is not. Beck

Event Perception: Motor Theory vs. Direct Perception Theory

People observe lots of events around the environment and we can easily recognize the nature of an event from the resulting optic flow. The questions are how do people recognize events and what is the


The problem of amodal perception is the problem of how we represent features of perceived objects that are occluded or otherwise hidden from us. Bence Nanay (2010) has recently proposed that we

Perception and imagination: amodal perception as mental imagery

When we see an object, we also represent those parts of it that are not visible. The question is how we represent them: this is the problem of amodal perception. I will consider three possible

Qualitative relationism about subject and object of perception and experience

In this paper, I compare various theories of perception in relation to the question of the epistemological and ontological status of the qualities that appear in perceptual experience. I group these

A review of event perception: The first step for convergence on robotics

The purpose of this review article is to address this controversy to critique the motor theory and to describe a direct realist approach to event perception.

The Importance of Amodal Completion in Everyday Perception

The aim of this piece is to argue that amodal completion plays a constitutive role in the authors' everyday perception and trace the theoretical consequences of this claim.

Seeing Where the Stone Is Thrown by Observing a Point-Light Thrower: Perceiving the Effect of Action Is Enabled by Information, Not Motor Experience

The perception of biological motion is enabled by visual information and improved by visual experience, which suggests that the kinematic information available in the displays may have enabled the perception.



New reasons for realism

SummaryBoth the psychology of perception and the philosophy of perception seem to show a new face when the process is considered at its own level, distinct from that of sensation. Unfamiliar

The Perception of the Visual World

Let's read! We will often find out this sentence everywhere. When still being a kid, mom used to order us to always read, so did the teacher. Some books are fully read in a week and we need the