449 Usefulness of Asthma Control Test Questionnaire, FEV1 and Exhaled Nitric Oxide Level (FENO) for the Clinical Assessment of Elderly Asthma


448 Ezhengtricity 2010: a Free Novel Way to Confidentially Administer, Track, Receive and Score Medical Questionnaires Instantly Yin Zheng, MS, Murugan Ravindran, MBBS, Oluwatoyin Adewuyi, MS, Cristina Di Poto, PhD, Christian Timbol, MS, Rania Esteitie, MD, Rakib Rayhan, MS, and James Baraniuk, MD. University of South Florida College of Medicine, Tampa, FL; Medicine-Section of Rheumatology, Allergy, & Immunology, Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Background: Medical questionnaires are important for assessing allergy patients. However, current methods of administering questionnaires are cumbersome, expensive, and laborious to accurately administer, track and score. eZhengtricity is a simple Google Documents based workflow, coupled with customized Excel formulas, that allow researchers to create, collect and score confidential health questionnaires that are globally accessible, with minimal setup time and maintenance. Methods: eZhengtricity utilizes a Google Documents account as a platform to create online questionnaires. Google automatically hosts the online questionnaire with a unique URL that can be provided to patients. The researcher provides patients with a unique study ID that is used to submit questionnaire responses. By using a unique study ID, researchers ensure confidentially of questionnaire data. Patient questionnaire responses are instantly submitted online to a secured “Cloud” database. In the Cloud database, the data is automatically sorted, scaled and scored by custom Excel formulas. Researchers can instantly access the database and download results in a variety of formats including PDF and XLS for further analysis using the researcher’s statistical software of choice. Results: eZhengtricity provided questionnaire scores from submitted questionnaires instantly, while paper versions required manual double entry and manual sorting of patient data for analysis. Better overall quality of patient responses was obtained with eZhengtricity compared to paper questionnaires. Submitted responses to eZhengtricity had 100 percent completion while submitted paper responses had incomplete responses. Patient compliance for eZhengtricity was comparable to paper questionnaires. eZhengtricity also allowed monitoring of patient’s progress on completing questionnaires. Conclusions: The flexibility and robustness of eZhengtricity complement longitudinal and cross-sectional studies. Compared to paper questionnaires, eZhengtricity is a cost effective, logistically easy, and superior way to administer confidential questionnaires.

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