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445 Sphingomonas paucimobilis UT26の2,5-dichlorohydroquinone分解に関与する遺伝子産物の機能解析

  title={445 Sphingomonas paucimobilis UT26の2,5-dichlorohydroquinone分解に関与する遺伝子産物の機能解析},
  author={啓介 宮内 and 裕二 永田 and 正道 高木},
Engineering bacteria for bioremediation of persistent organochlorine pesticide lindane (γ-hexachlorocyclohexane).
The study demonstrates bioremediation of traces of lindane prevalent in paddy fields, using bioengineered photoautotrophic Anabaena, and biodegradation of huge stockpiles of lINDane, by employing recombinant live/dead E. coli. Expand