4-year clinical study of castable ceramic crowns.

  title={4-year clinical study of castable ceramic crowns.},
  author={William P Kelsey and T Cavel and Richard J. Blankenau and Wayne W. Barkmeier and Terry M Wilwerding and Mark A. Latta},
  journal={American journal of dentistry},
  volume={8 5},
PURPOSE To evaluate the 4-year clinical performance of castable glass ceramic crowns used to restore teeth in the posterior segments. MATERIALS AND METHODS 101 castable ceramic (Dicor) full++ crown restorations were placed in 61 molar and 40 premolar teeth using a bonded resin cement. RESULTS After 4 years of clinical performance, 15 of the original 101 restorations were known to have failed with 13 of those failures affecting molar restorations. All serviceable restorations were rated as… CONTINUE READING


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