4-hydroxyestrone, isolation and identification in human urine.


Portions of pregnancy and midcycle urines were submitted to hot acid hydrolysis, extracted with benzene/ethyl acetate and the extracts washed with ascorbic acid buffer. From the remaining organic phase the catecholestrogens were removed with borate buffer and further purified on Sephadex LH-20 columns. After derivatisation 4-hydroxyestrone was separated from the isomeric 2-hydroxyestrone peak were identical with that of authentic 4-hydroxyestrone. After treatment of the extracts with sodium borohydride 4-hydroxyestradiol-17 beta was identified by GC-MS. By the addition of trace amounts of tritiated 4-hydroxyestrone a recovery of 40% was calculated. On the basis of this recovery and the peak heights of the gas chromatograms an excretion of 4 microgram (midcycle) and 40 microgram (pregnancy) of 4-hydroxyestrone/24 h was estimated.


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