4.b Picosecond Electro-electron Op'tic Oscilloscope

  • Published 2008


The technique of electro-optic sampling1-3 presently offers the only means by which an electrical waveform can be time resolved with subpicosecond resolution. With a sensitivity of 1 mV and the capability of sampling in a contactless configuration, this technique has become a valuable tool for the characterization of ultrafast electronic c,omponents. The contactless mode of sampling can also be scaled up to allow sampling on a plane surface, permitting the evaluation of any number of discrete components within an integrated circuit. In spite of these attractive features, the electro-optic sampling technique has been adopted by only a few large laboratories, the major drawback being the requirement of a short-pulse laser system. The complexity of such a laser results in a sampling oscilloscope that is delicate, maintenance intensive, and expensive, precluding its development in industry and many universities.

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