4- and 5-Coordinate Dinuclear Copper(II) Complexes with the Tetraacetylethanediide and an N-Alkylated Diamine or a Triamine

  • Hide Kambayashia, Junko Yuzurihara, Yuichi Masuda, Hiroko Nakagawab, Wolfgang Linertc, Yutaka Fukudaad
  • Published 2013


Hide Kambayashia, Junko Yuzurihara3, Yuichi Masuda3, Hiroko Nakagawab, Wolfgang Linertc, Yutaka Fukudaad* a Department of Chemistry. Faculty of Science. Ochanomizu University, Otsuka. Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112, Japan h Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Josai University, Sakado, Saitama 350-02, Japan c Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Technical University of… (More)


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