4 a Albany Student

  • Peace Talks Xo Resume
  • Published 2009


normtl ttnatoo Mwten these two faculties. Th* unlrer•tty faculty on the one hand will eierelu aa Influence toNtHac requirement* for entrance Into the university. The General Collate, on the other hand, will, In all likelihood, be constantly pressing for its own conception of liberal education, which may or may not be at variance with conceptions held In the departments. Wo take this kind of disagreement as normal and healthy, and hop* that the ensuing discussions will generate more light than beat. Although the Committee did not extend Itself to a detailed consideration of program, It does, In MM case of the General College, recommend that the pattern of numerous discrete courses be abandoned for other approaches which would be largely lnterdlscl. pllnary In character, stressing larger units of study rather than the Individual courses. While we see the entire process of higher education as attempting a reconciliation between personal and professional neede, the General College would stress the more general human and personal aspirations of the student.

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