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4 Reaction Time and Psychometric g

  title={4 Reaction Time and Psychometric g},
  author={Arthur Robert Jensen},
Reaction times match IQ for major causes of mortality_ Evidence from a population based prospective cohort study
The association between intelligence with mortality from the major causes is also seen with reaction times, which implies that the association of cognitive ability with mortality is unlikely to be due to any social, cultural or educational biases that are sometimes ascribed to intelligence measures.


On the Rate of Gain of Information
The principal finding is that the rate of gain of information is, on the average, constant with respect to time, within the duration of one perceptual-motor act, and has a value of the order of five “bits” per second.
Studies of Mild Mental Retardation and Timed Performance
Individual differences and interrelationships among a select set of cognitive skills
The results are suggestive of sex differences in the interrelationships of the cognitive processes under investigation, indicating that elemental component processes for different tasks can be identified that are similar or highly related.
Experimental psychology, Rev. ed.
Correlation of Selected Cognitive Abilities and Cognitive Processing Parameters: An Exploratory Study.
Abstract : This pilot study investigated some relationships between tested ability variables and processing parameters obtained from memory search and visual search tasks. The 25 undergraduate
Self-Stimulation Alters Human Sensory Brain Responses
Human electrocortical potentials evoked by self-administered auditory and visual stimuli manifest much smaller amplitude and faster poststimulus timing than do average brain responses evoked by
The Measurement of Speed of Problem Solving and Its Relation to Children's Age and Ability.
Summary. The times children take to reach correct solutions to seven easy Block Design items from the try-out version of the British Intelligence Scale were analysed in terms of two regression
The factor of speed in intelligence
From results secured from experiments with trained subjects in a psychological laboratory the authors conclude that speed of reaction is probably the most important factor in individual differences