4 February 1942: Its Causes and Its Influence on Egyptian Politics and on the Future of Anglo-Egyptian Relations, 1937–1945

  title={4 February 1942: Its Causes and Its Influence on Egyptian Politics and on the Future of Anglo-Egyptian Relations, 1937–1945},
  author={Charles Duryea Smith},
  journal={International Journal of Middle East Studies},
  pages={453 - 479}
  • C. D. Smith
  • Published 1 November 1979
  • History
  • International Journal of Middle East Studies
The British military presence in Egypt established in 1882 ended on 27 July 1954 with an agreement providing for withdrawal of forces from the Suez Canal Zone within twenty months. The signing was a victory for Colonel Jamāl 'Abd al-Nāsir and a defeat for Anthony Eden who had sought to retain British forces on air bases within the Zone. British attempts to regularize their occupation of Egyptian territory after World War II in the face of nationalist demands had failed, its doom foretold with… 
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  • Medicine, Political Science
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  • 1997
The World Development Report 1993 (WDR), on Investing in Health), represents a major contribution to the field of health and development and presents a view on health development, a method for assessment, and an agenda for action.



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'We are a very rich and a very vulnerable Empire, and there are plenty of poor adventurers not very far away who look upon us with hungry eyes.' This is how Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain

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Since its first publication in 1969, this book continues to be routinely cited as the standard source for the history of the revivalist Egyptian movement, the Muslim Brethren, up to the time of

Lampson's ultimatum to Faruq, 4 February, 1942

The ultimatum submitted by Sir Miles Lampson (later Lord Killearn), the British ambassador in Egypt, to King Faruq, on February 4, 1942, has come to be regarded as a landmark in Egypt's political

The Egyptian blue shirts and the Egyptian Wafd, 1935–1938

(1970). The Egyptian blue shirts and the Egyptian Wafd, 1935–1938. Middle Eastern Studies: Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 77-95.


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