4-[18F]fluoroarylalkylethers via an improved synthesis of n.c.a. 4-[18F]fluorophenol.

  title={4-[18F]fluoroarylalkylethers via an improved synthesis of n.c.a. 4-[18F]fluorophenol.},
  author={Thomas Ludwig and Johannes Ermert and Heinz Hubert Coenen},
  journal={Nuclear medicine and biology},
  volume={29 2},
This paper describes the improved synthesis of n.c.a. 4- 18F]fluorophenol for the preparation of 18F-labeled alkylarylethers. Nucleophilic fluorination of substituted benzophenone derivatives yielded n.c.a. 4- 18F]fluoro-4'-substituted benzophenones with 80- 90% RCY, which were converted to benzoic acid phenylesters by treatment with peracetic acid. Strong electron-withdrawing substituents like nitro, cyano and trifluoromethyl favor a fluorophenyl-to-oxygen migration resulting in the formation… CONTINUE READING

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