4,5-Dihydroxy-2-hexanone: a new metabolite of N-hexane and of 2,5-hexanedione in rat urine.

  title={4,5-Dihydroxy-2-hexanone: a new metabolite of N-hexane and of 2,5-hexanedione in rat urine.},
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  journal={Biomedical & environmental mass spectrometry},
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  • N. Fedtke, H. Bolt
  • Published 1987
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Biomedical & environmental mass spectrometry
Male Wistar rats were exposed to 2000 ppm n-hexane or were treated with a single dose of 2,5-hexanedione (200 mg kg-1). Analysis of the urine collected after both treatments revealed the formation of 4,5-dihydroxy-2-hexanone via 5-hydroxy-2-hexanone or 2,5-hexanedione, respectively. Identification of this new n-hexane metabolite included enzymatic hydrolysis of the excreted glucuronide, derivatization of the keto group with O-methylhydroxylamine, and subsequent GC-MS analysis. The chemical… Expand
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