3LGM2-Modeling to support management of health information systems

  title={3LGM2-Modeling to support management of health information systems},
  author={Alfred Winter and Birgit Brigl and Gert Funkat and Anke H{\"a}ber and Oliver Heller and Thomas Wendt},
  journal={International journal of medical informatics},
  volume={76 2-3},
OBJECTIVE Both regional health information systems (rHIS) and hospital information systems (HIS) need systematic information management. Due to their complexity information management needs a thorough description or model of the managed information system. METHODS The three layer graph-based meta-model (3LGM(2)) and the 3LGM(2) tool provide means for effectively describing and modeling HIS by hospital functions, application systems and physical data processing components. The 3LGM(2) tool has… CONTINUE READING


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