3He diffusion MRI of the lung.

  title={3He diffusion MRI of the lung.},
  author={Mark S. Conradi and Dmitriy A. Yablonskiy and Jason C. Woods and David S. Gierada and Richard E. Jacob and Yulin V. Chang and Cliff K C Choong and Alex L Sukstanskii and Tariq Saeed Tanoli and Stephen S. Lefrak and Joel David Cooper},
  journal={Academic radiology},
  volume={12 11},
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES MR imaging of the restricted diffusion of laser-polarized 3He gas provides unique insights into the changes in lung microstructure in emphysema. RESULTS We discuss measurements of ventilation (spin density), mean diffusivity, and the anisotropy of diffusion, which yields the mean acinar airway radius. In addition, the use of spatially modulated longitudinal magnetization allows diffusion to be measured over longer distances and times, with sensitivity to collateral… CONTINUE READING

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