3DTV at home: eulerian-lagrangian stereo-to-multiview conversion

  title={3DTV at home: eulerian-lagrangian stereo-to-multiview conversion},
  author={Petr Kellnhofer and Piotr Didyk and Szu-Po Wang and Pitchaya Sitthi-amorn and William Freeman and Fr{\'e}do Durand and Wojciech Matusik},
  journal={ACM Trans. Graph.},
Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) movies have become widely popular in the movie theaters, but the adoption of S3D at home is low even though most TV sets support S3D. It is widely believed that S3D with glasses is not the right approach for the home. A much more appealing approach is to use automulti-scopic displays that provide a glasses-free 3D experience to multiple viewers. A technical challenge is the lack of native multiview content that is required to deliver a proper view of the scene for every… CONTINUE READING

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