3D zernike descriptors for content based shape retrieval

  title={3D zernike descriptors for content based shape retrieval},
  author={Marcin Novotni and R. Klein},
  booktitle={ACM Symposium on Solid Modeling and Applications},
Content based 3D shape retrieval for broad domains like the World Wide Web has recently gained considerable attention in Computer Graphics community. One of the main challenges in this context is the mapping of 3D objects into compact canonical representations referred to as descriptors, which serve as search keys during the retrieval process. The descriptors should have certain desirable properties like invariance under scaling, rotation and translation. Very importantly, they should possess… 

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Spherical Wavelet Descriptors for Content-based 3D Model Retrieval

This paper proposes the usage of spherical wavelet transform as a tool for the analysis of 3D shapes represented by functions on the unit sphere, and introduces three new descriptors extracted from the wavelet coefficients, namely: a subset of the spherical wavelets coefficients, the L1 and the L2 energies of the sphere sub-bands.

An Ellipsoidal 3D Shape Representation and Wavelet Transform Feature Descriptor for 3D Shape Retrieval

A new 3D shape representation method based on ellipsoid for the purpose of3D shape retrieval is described and the experimental results support the expectation of the proposed hypothesis.

Discriminative Spherical Wavelet Features for Content-Based 3D Model Retrieval

This paper proposes the usage of spherical wavelet transforms as a tool for the analysis of 3D shapes represented by functions on the unit sphere and introduces three new descriptors extracted from the wavelet coefficients, namely: a subset of the spherical wavelets coefficients, the L1 and the L2 energies of the spheres sub-bands.

Covariance-Based Descriptors for Efficient 3D Shape Matching, Retrieval, and Classification

This article explores, for the first time, the usage of covariance matrices of descriptors, instead of the descriptors themselves, in 3D shape analysis, and evaluates the performance of the proposed BoC matrices framework and covariance -based kernel methods and demonstrates their superiority compared to their descriptor-based counterparts in various3D shape matching, retrieval, and classification setups.

Radius-normal histogram and hybrid strategy for 3D shape retrieval

Performance comparisons for the shape benchmark database have proven that the proposed algorithm can achieve better retrieving performance than other similar histogram-based shape representations.

Author ' s personal copy Perception-based shape retrieval for 3 D building models

A novel upright-based normalization method is presented which not only correctly rotates such building models, but also greatly simplifies and accelerates the abstraction and the matching of building models’ shape descriptors.

Multi-Fourier spectra descriptor and augmentation with spectral clustering for 3D shape retrieval

We propose a new method of similarity search for 3D shape models, given an arbitrary 3D shape as a query. The method features the high search performance enabled in part by our unique feature vector

A new description for scalable 3 D partial object retrieval

This paper presents an approach for 3D object retrieval, dedicated to partial shape retrieval in large datasets, based on the extraction of 3D Harris points and on a local description involving local Fourier descriptors, and adds ∆-TSR, a triangular spatial information between words.

Second order 3D shape features: An exhaustive study




Description of 3D-shape using a complex function on the sphere

  • D. VranicD. Saupe
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings. IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo
  • 2002
This work proposes a novel feature vector suitable for searching collections of 3D-object images by shape similarity by applying the fast Fourier transform on the sphere and obtaining Fourier coefficients for spherical harmonics.

Topology matching for fully automatic similarity estimation of 3D shapes

A novel technique is proposed, called Topology Matching, in which similarity between polyhedral models is quickly, accurately, and automatically calculated by comparing Multiresolutional Reeb Graphs (MRGs), which operates well as a search key for 3D shape data sets.

3D Zernike Moments and Zernike Affine Invariants for 3D Image Analysis and Recognition

A complete set of 3D polynomials orthonormal within the unit sphere that exhibits a "form invariance" property under 3D rotation like the 2D Zernike polyno-mials do in the plane is introduced.

Matching 3D models with shape distributions

The primary motivation for this approach is to reduce the shape matching problem to the comparison of probability distributions, which is simpler than traditional shape matching methods that require pose registration, feature correspondence or model fitting.

Coarse Filters for Shape Matching

The coarse shape filters that support the 3D, Internet-based search engine ShapeSifter, which aims to locate parts already in production that have a shape similar to a desired new part, are described.

A Reflective Symmetry Descriptor for 3D Models

A new reflective symmetry descriptor that represents a measure of reflective symmetry for an arbitrary 3D model for all planes through the model’s center of mass (even if they are not planes of symmetry), and is insensitive to noise and stable under point sampling.

3D Shape Histograms for Similarity Search and Classification in Spatial Databases

3D shape histograms are introduced as an intuitive and powerful similarity model for 3D objects that efficiently supports similarity search based on quadratic forms and has high classification accuracy and good performance.

A search engine for 3D models

A new matching algorithm is developed that uses spherical harmonics to compute discriminating similarity measures without requiring repair of model degeneracies or alignment of orientations and provides 46 to 245% better performance than related shape-matching methods during precision--recall experiments.

Polyhedral model retrieval using weighted point sets

A new geometric approach to 3D shape comparison and retrieval for arbitrary objects described by 3D polyhedral models that may contain gaps that is suitable for use in indexing schemes that depend on the triangle inequality, such as the one introduced on so-called vantage objects.

A similarity retrieval of 3D polygonal models using rotation invariant shape descriptors

  • Motofumi T. SuzukiToshikazu KatoN. Otsu
  • Computer Science
    Smc 2000 conference proceedings. 2000 ieee international conference on systems, man and cybernetics. 'cybernetics evolving to systems, humans, organizations, and their complex interactions' (cat. no.0
  • 2000
This work presents rotation invariant shape descriptors for similarity retrieval and overcomes the efficiency problem of query processing in high-dimensional shape descriptor spaces.