3D visualization of deep cerebellar nuclei using 7T MRI

  title={3D visualization of deep cerebellar nuclei using 7T MRI},
  author={M. K{\"u}per and M. Th{\"u}rling and K. Rabe and Oliver Kraff and E. G. Gizewski and Mark E. Ladd and Dagmar Timmann},
Introduction There are various ways to study the function of the human cerebellum. One method, which has long been used, is to examine the impairments in human subjects with cerebellar lesions. In order to perform lesion-symptom mapping within the cerebellum, good knowledge about the cerebellar lesion site is required. Structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is helpful to determine the localization and extent of cerebellar lesions. The affected cerebellar lobules can be defined with good… CONTINUE READING