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3D simulation on caving of face affected by irregular pillor

  title={3D simulation on caving of face affected by irregular pillor},
  author={Zheng Bai-sheng and Xie Wen-bing and Dou Linming and Gao Ming-shi},
  journal={Journal of China Coal Society},
Based on the mining geological condition of a practical long-wall mining panel in 9202 face,Sanhejian Mine,influence of pillar remained after mining of upper coal seam to the mining of lower coal seam was analyzed in adjacent coal seam.Stress which is higher than the sum of the support stresses caused by pillar and working face was revealed by means of 3D coupled numerical modeling,and rock burst will be broke out under the high stress situation.Reasonable location of the lower coal seam's… Expand
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The gob of small colliery has been one of the main factors threatening the safe production of coal mine. The repeated mining working face in a certain mine is the practical engineering background inExpand
Characteristics of stress distribution in floor strata and control of roadway stability under coal pillars
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Numerical Simulation Analysis on Stability of Coal Pillar of Empty Mine Goaf in North of Shanxi Province
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Study on the bearing structure and stability of overlying strata: an interval gob in shallow buried coal mining of Northwest China
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