3D resistive RAM cell design for high-density storage class memory—a review

  title={3D resistive RAM cell design for high-density storage class memory—a review},
  author={Boris Hudec and Chung-Wei Hsu and I-Ting Wang and Wei-Li Lai and Che-Chia Chang and Taifang Wang and Karol Fr{\"o}hlich and Chia-Hua Ho and Chen-Hsi Lin and Tuo-Hung Hou},
  journal={Science China Information Sciences},
In this article, we comprehensively review recent progress in the ReRAM cell technology for 3D integration focusing on a material/device level. First we briefly mention pioneering work on high-density crossbar ReRAM arrays which paved the way to 3D integration. We discuss the two main proposed 3D integration schemes—3D horizontally stacked ReRAM vs 3D Vertical ReRAM and their respective advantages and disadvantages. We follow with the detailed memory cell design on important work in both areas… CONTINUE READING
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